Paranormal Activity 2 Reviews: Scary Fun, but Leave the Kids At Home!


paranormal activity 2 reviewsThe reviews are in and Paranormal Activity 2 is definitely not for kids!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who saw the original movie in the series that Paranormal Activity 2 is not intended for a young audience. The entire intentionally scare yourself genre has found a new home with the Paranormal series with its security camera, birds-eye-view perspective of the scary happenings that go one when we turn off the lights.

The film is definitely aimed at those adults who like to make themselves scared and aren’t afraid of jumping out of their seats in the movie theater.    There’s not a whole lot of new material – pretty much your standard demon invades the family and wreaks havoc film – but it does the trick at scaring those who choose to be scared.

The film arrives at theaters tonight at midnight, but definitely leave the kids at home!

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