Parenthood: The Most Dangerous Job on Earth?


Crutches are on the road to becoming the go-to accessory for hip celebrity parents. David Beckham tore his Achilles tendon on the soccer field this weekend and,  after yesterday’s surgery, is hobbling around Europe on a pair of sticks. Wife Victoria flew out to join him today, sans children (alas, there’s nothing she can do about the fact that he’s now out of World Cup contention). Find out who else is in bad shape after the jump!

To boot, Adam Sandler’s wife, Jackie, was seen navigating on a pair of crutches last week (looks as if she’s got a sprained ankle, says my inner-orthopedist).

This anectodal evidence proves one thing: we parents are weak. Or maybe: parenthood makes our bones brittle. Or, at least: I’m not the only parent who feels physically broken-and-battered at the end of every, single, child-filled day.

It’s cocktail hour — bring on the painkillers, or at least a nice soft bed and an ice pack.