Parenting Experts Weigh in on Jennifer Aniston's Single Mother Comments


The past two days have been full of people, from Bill O’Reilly to traditionalist groups, commenting on how Jennifer Aniston’s comments supporting single motherhood are setting up unrealistic expectations and glamorizing a difficult situation.  Are they right? According to the Pew Research Center, 41 percent of newborns have single mothers. Are these kids doomed?

Of course not. Kids of single parents can be healthy and happy. Parenting experts are jumping in to defend Jen from Bill pointing out that he is not in tune with modern families.

“It’s unrealistic and not in touch with how family is changing,” social psychologist Susan Newman tells PopEater. “The traditional family that we have always known as mom, dad and two kids is no longer the traditional family.”

“Children of single parents do just as well as kids who have two parents,” she continues. “There’s nothing in the research that says having a baby by yourself is a terrible thing.”

Parenting expert and psychologist Carl Pickhardt says that while fathers are important, even more crucial to a baby’s well-being is “the quality of parental commitment to raising that child after it is born.  It is a prejudice that single parents — mostly moms — are deficient parents. In fact, they are among the strongest and most resourceful parents I see.”

And there you have it from experts mouths: Moms can do just fine on their own!


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