Parents At Suri Cruise's New School Are Scared Of The Paparazzi Stalking Their Kids

Suri Cruise

It looks like poor Suri Cruise might have one really hard time making friends at her new school. As any new student with past experience would know, that sucks. According to a new rumor, the parents over at Suri Cruise’s prestigious Manhattan school are afraid that the paparazzi might mistakenly snap a pic of their kid thinking it’s Suri.

I could totally understand how many of the parents are a bit peeved about Katie Holmes sending Suri to their school but hey, a kid’s gotta learn, right? Here’s what the New York Post’s Page Six is reporting:

“I had two different parents call to tell me their children are beautiful young girls that look like Suri,” education consultant Dana Haddad tells Page Six Magazine. “The girls will all be in uniforms, and they’re worried their daughters will be mistaken for Suri by the paparazzi outside the school.” 

Life in New York for a toddler is about to get a whole lot interesting thanks to this 6-year-old girl, eh? Just imagine all the birthday party invites Suri is bound to get with her new friends from school. Let’s hope the transition from being home schooled to going to a Catholic School will be a smooth one!

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