Celeb Parents Who Try To Be Their Kids Friends


  • Billy Ray Cyrus 1 of 10
    Billy Ray Cyrus
    Letting your daughter ride a motorcycle without a helmet doesn’t exactly scream “Father of the Year.” Billy Ray has openly regretted how he idly stood by while Miley was sucked into the limelight of teen fame, but is it too late to save his daughter from her pole-dancing habits?
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  • Dina Lohan 2 of 10
    Dina Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan’s “momager,” Dina Lohan, has blamed the media for her daughter’s addictions, but accounts of the mother-daughter pair partying together suggest that the problem may be a little closer to home.
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  • Courtney Love 3 of 10
    Courtney Love
    Courtney Love’s half-crazed Twitter usage, like when she tweeted desperate pleas for forgiveness from her estranged daughter on her 18th birthday, probably isn’t the best way to repair a parent-child relationship.
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  • Demi Moore 4 of 10
    Demi Moore
    When your husband is around the same age as your kids, the line between mom and friend might get a little blurred.
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  • Danielle Staub 5 of 10
    Danielle Staub
    “I am the best mom in the world,” claimed this New Jersey Real Housewife. She might be right, if “best mom” means bullying her 11-year-old into singing on national TV, sucking her daughters into petty gossip, and, oh yeah, allowing camera crews into her family’s life.
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  • Sarah Palin 6 of 10
    Sarah Palin
    There’s nothing like raising babies together to strengthen a mother-daughter bond.
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  • Will Smith 7 of 10
    Will Smith
    He allowed and even encouraged his young daughter to sing and perform a song with the lyrics “I whip my hair back and forth” — enough said.
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  • Madonna 8 of 10
    Madonna launched her Material Girls fashion line with teenage daughter, Lourdes, this past summer. Lourdes has great fashion sense for someone so young, but is becoming business partners with your 13-year-old really such a good idea?
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  • Alec Baldwin 9 of 10
    Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin’s questionable parenting made news in 2007 when he called his daughter “a rude, thoughtless little pig” on her voicemail, and in 2010. Though Alec and Ireland say they’ve made up, these two seem more like bickering frenemies than father and daughter.
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  • Kelly Bensimon 10 of 10
    Kelly Bensimon
    Kelly Bensimon took her daughters to see Justin Bieber to make up for any embarrassment they may have felt after her Real Housewives outbursts. In response to concerns for the two girls’ well-being, Kelly said, “My kids are amazing. It’s TV, have fun with it.” We doubt her kids are having fun watching mommy meltdown on TV.
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