Partysaurus Rex Will Make You Want To Rave In Your Bathtub

Partysaurus Rex

Like any Disney mother with Disney obsessed toddlers in the home, Toy Story has a special place in my heart. All three films have tugged my heart strings in so many directions that I literally have second thoughts before putting my children’s toys in their toy organizers at the end of the day (I swear to you that Brave‘s Merida throws shade at me and a mean side eye each and every time I put her in a box). So naturally when I found out that there would be a new Toy Story short film played before “Finding Nemo 3D,” the 16-year-old in me who used to skip high school to go to Disney World (that’s what Orland0 kids do, FYI), I literally leaped with joy. Woody and the gang are back!

But this time around, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys with really incredible grammar and diction are almost like second stage characters in “Partysaurus Rex.” And by reading the title alone, you’ll quickly figure out that this short belongs to Rex, and oh boy does he own it. The film is directed by Mark Walsh and produced by Kim Adams and is the third installment of Toy Story Toons. “Partysaurus Rex” features Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn), being pretty much bullied around by one certain Mr. Potato Head (that Don Rickles was always an a&#, wasn’t he?) as he taunts our beloved Rex for being a “party pooper.” Things do turn around for him though when new owner Bonnie decides to take Rex to a whole new world … in the bathtub. And oh boy do things change for him quickly.

I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you, but let me tell you, after watching this short as a mother I felt slightly bad for not bringing things up a notch in my kids’ own bathtub because OMG did Rex through an EPIC party in Bonnie’s tub. I mean, the cops were even there, so you know it was just that good. We’re introduced to a whole new bath load of characters,  the challenges of peer pressure, a lobster love story, and some serious raving going on. There was so much action, strobe lights and loud music that I was really wanting the short to go on for much, much longer. “Partysaurus Rex” is going to make you and your kids want to get up and dance and really pray that Disney/Pixar do greenlight a fourth “Toy Story” film and totally give it to Rex. It was just that excellent.

So, while I figure out a way of how to redecorate my children’s bathroom into a toddler-appropriate night club-themed fun room, don’t forget to mark your iPhone’s calendar to see both “Partysaurus Rex” and “Finding Nemo 3D” when it premieres in theaters on Sept. 14th. It will make you fall all over again with not just Nemo, but with Disney/Pixar Studios itself and once again thank them for making truly memorable and incredibly enjoyable films that everyone in the family can enjoy. You’ll probably end up wanting to see both movies several times over. And if you have a few Toy Story freaks in your family (like me), this will be like an early, excellent Christmas present, too.


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