Pat Manocchia: Celebrity Trainer Helps Moms Shape Up, Get the A-List Workout


pat manocchiaWant to look like Madonna and Julia Roberts?  With the help of celebrity trainer Pat Manocchia’s new book real world moms can get the celebrity mom workout treatment that the celeb moms use just in time for the holidays.

The personal trainer to the stars was on hand for today’s Howard Stern show to hand out his secrets to getting a celebrity body and pitch his new book, Anatomy of Strength Training: The 5 Essential Exercises.

In his new book, Pat Manocchia teaches moms to focus on the basics – strength and aerobic activity.  It is those basics that helped the trainer sculpt Madonna’s fabulous figure for more than nine years.   His approach focuses on five basic movements to build your exercise program around:  flexion, extension, adduction, abduction and rotation.  

With his targeted approach to working out, Pat Manocchia has built quite the celebrity following with clients including: Madonna, Julia Roberts, Liam Neesen, and Howard Stern all calling on him to help them keep their A-List figures!

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