Patricia Bieber: Mother Of Justin Bieber Stands By Her Religious Values

Justin Bieber Patricia Bieber
Patricia Bieber, mom of Justin, stands by her faith.

Patricia Bieber, the mother of teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber, is a woman who stands by and appreciates her religious values. Patricia Bieber was offered $50,000 to pose nude in Playboy, but she turned down the offer because it went against her faith and morals.

At a time when the cast of Glee is posing for racy photos in GQ magazine, and Miley Cyrus is making videos being filmed gyrating on her bed, it is refreshing to see an adult refuse to bare it all.

There is no doubt that 16-year old Justin Bieber would’ve been pretty embarrassed to see his mother pose for Playboy. What teenage boy wants his friends drooling over his mom?