Paul Bettany Knows The Secret To Raising Kids


paul-bettany_jennifer-connelly-kids1Paul Bettany was desperate to appear cool to his kids so he hatched a plan. He decided to fly his kids to set of his movie Legion so they could see him as a tough guy.

He had the idea that if his kids saw him as a tough guy they would listen to him and behave themselves.

“I made them fly out to watch me so they’d think I was enormously cool and tough. And they will now do whatever I tell them to, because they think I can do a butterfly twist!”

“I loved it. I’d never made an action movie before. It was such a great experience and I loved doing it. It felt fun. It was exactly what it was and I loved doing it.

“I was learning how to spin around in the air, a lot of wire stuff and a lot of fighting. I wouldn’t say I know kung fu… they wrap a wire around you, and this guy yanks it, and you fly up in the air and spin, and because of gravity you can’t help but land on your feet. Then you go and look at playback on the monitor, and you look like Bruce Lee!”

I bet his boys loved seeing that. Perhaps I need to try to get in an action movie and pull some crazy stunts. If it helped my kids listen to me I’d try it.

Wouldn’t you?


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