Paul Bettany Worries For His Kids


bettany-chaucer-legion-jennifer-connely-end-of-the-worldPaul Bettany is worried about the end of the world and not in a 2012 kind of way. He’s terrified the universe will end because of the way people abuse and don’t take care of their environment.

He’s worried about his kids’ future in that kind of world.

He said, “I think about the apocalypse all the time in terms of the environment and in terms of the wars we’re waging. I think about it a lot, and it’s frightening what life is going to be like in 2055 for my children if we don’t cut down on our fossil fuels.”

“I think it’s an ongoing fear and fantasy for people, so I don’t think it’s ever gone away. And maybe that’s why we’re suddenly seeing so many post-apocalyptic movies.”

I wonder if he talks to his sons Kai and Stellan about the end of the world and what they think. What are they doing about their own footprint?

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