Paul Giamatti Picks Up Sean Penn's Stooges Role?



After last week’s surprise announcement that Sean Penn will drop out of the much-anticipated Farrelly brothers’ Three Stooges movie, it looks like another Hollywood dad might get a crack at it. Word has it that the role of Larry might get handed over to the capable hands of Paul Giamatti.

I love Paul Giamatti and I think he’d be an awesome Larry. From E!Online:

“While Giamatti was at last week’s Nantucket Film Festival, a reporter from the Boston Herald suggested he replace Penn. It just so happens that Bobby and Peter Farrelly, who will codirect the Stooges flick from a script they wrote, were also at the festival.

Bobby told the newspaper that Giamatti would be a “sensational Larry.” However, Peter noted that they already have an offer out to somebody else.

For the record, Giamatti’s rep tells me there have been no talks between the actor and the Farrellys.”

You know what? I can totally see Paul Giamatti owning the part. He even looks a little bit like Larry already. Sean Penn, on the other hand, I really got that casting decision at all.

Paul 8 year-old son Samuel is probably super excited. That is, if Paul is raising him right. And by that I mean teaching him about the finer things in life, i.e. the hysterical antics of the Three Stooges.