Paula Abdul Dance Show: Were the Live to Dance Judges Too Emotional?


Did you watch the premiere of “Live to Dance?”

I loved that there wasn’t any debate about whether to send a dancer or dance group on to the next level of competition.  The judges gave their gold or red star ratings without any discussion. Though, personally, I think they probably hit each other under the table or whisper or something when the cameras aren’t on them.

But, there were still some emotional speeches after the results were revealed. At times, the judges were off their feet cheering for a dancer.  Paula Abdul, in particular, was near tears several times. Calling acts an inspiration and saying that they were what dancing was all about. She had these words for young acts, older acts, and the Solid Gold dancers in particular.

I thought that she helped give “Live to Dance” an overwhelmingly positive atmosphere.

Do you think she was over the top?