Pauly Shore Is Trying To Adopt An African Baby Too


pauly-shore-taoPauly Shore’s got a new reality show called Adopted and, supposedly, it’s all about his struggle to adopt a child from Africa? Sound familiar? Did he have to trade a iPod for it?

I can’t decide whether this is for real or not. If it hadn’t just been done in Bruno, I would have taken it for a prank right off the bat. Seeing as though it really couldn’t be considered clever to do a joke that was just made popular by a major motion picture, I have to admit that I’m leaning towards taking its seriously.

One of my biggest questions is: What does Pauly Shore want with a baby? I mean, he seems like sort of a train wreck, so he doesn’t seem like an ideal candidate. Granted, neither did Madonna, but she’s light-years ahead of Pauly Shore.

Pauly needs something to resurrect his career, and I’m hoping adopting an African baby isn’t part of his career plan. Seriously. I’m hoping that he wants a child for at least some of the right reasons.

People may accuse reality show parents of using their kids as props, but this seems like a show that treats a kid more like a premise. What happens if Pauly is successful? Will he keep the child?