Pee-Gate: Did Brooke Mueller Relapse? Will Charlie Sheen Get Custody of the Twins?


What is being called pee-gate, is actually what could be the reason that sends Brooke Mueller‘s twins back into the arms of Charlie Sheen and his goddesses. It is being reported that Brooke Mueller may have relapsed and is begging friends for clean urine samples. Mueller is supposed to provide a sample as part of a mandatory random drug test on Thursday morning but there are people who are claiming to be “friends” of hers who have stated that she tried to call them… “babbling about not wanting to lose her kids and begging for their pee.”

A friend of Brooke’s told RadarOnline: “Brooke admitted to relapsing. She hasn’t been returning calls, which usually means she’s using. She’s absolutely freaked out that this potential dirty test could result in her losing custody of their 2-year-old twins (Bob and Max) to Charlie.”

“There is a very real chance that Brooke could lose custody of the boys if the test does come back positive,” a legal source told Radar. “Brooke knew that if she used drugs again, Charlie could get full custody of them.”

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