Peek-a-Boo! Katie Holmes Shows a Little Skin in New York City (Photos)

Katie Holmes Shows Some Skin

Katie Holmes has been pretty flirty with showing skin lately!

Suri Cruise’s fashion loving mom was spotted in New York City showing off more than her style, she showed off a little skin too. During a minor wardrobe malfunction, her rather sheer white blouse blew open to show off her toned and trim tummy(which she’s been working very had at keeping in shape lately). She also wore a dark hued bra under her sheer white blouse, what is usually a fashion no-no.

And just last night this now seemingly saucy mom was spotted last night showing off a bit of her bra in a reveling top at the premiere of Jack and Jill.

Check out photos of Katie Holmes and her peek-a-boo performance right here!

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    Katie Holmes
    Say hello to Katie Holmes' belly!
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    Katie Holmes
    At first the shirt stayed place...
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    Katie Holmes
    But as she walked it revealed a bit of her belly.
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    Katie Holmes
    And the shirt is also a bit on the sheer side!
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    Katie Holmes
    Do you think she should wear a cami next time?