Peek Into Kelly Ripa's Personal Life


kellyripandkids_aKelly Ripa gives readers a peek into her family life in the latest issue of Redbook magazine. Here are some excerpts:

What’s your favorite family time?

We are a family who lives for the weekends. My youngest, Joaquin, will say to me on Tuesday, “How many days until Friday, Mom?” We drive out to our house in Southampton, Long Island, on Friday, and we don’t schedule anything. We watch movies, we go to the beach. Even in the winter we’ll take hot chocolate and bagels and just sit there. My son recently asked me when that Sunday-night, disappointed pit in your stomach goes away, and I said, “Honestly, I’m not sure if it ever does.” But then Monday, I feel energized because we had a relaxing weekend.

Do you and Mark take special time just for each other?

Definitely. It doesn’t have to be a “date night.” A date night for us is watching Top Chef. A date night for us is getting our kids asleep before 9:30! It’s really just about checking in, asking how the other person’s day is, and cuddling up. It doesn’t have to lead to anything, although it usually does. But it doesn’t have to. Sometimes, Mark will wake up in Joaquin’s bed, and I’ll wake up in Lola’s tiny bed feeling like a contortionist and saying, “I’m in pain and why is there a dog on my head?”

It’s important to stay committed over the long haul, isn’t it?

That’s it for Mark and me. The first year of marriage is so tough, and we fought constantly, these tiny things becoming big accusations. Then we looked at each other one day and said, “We’re in this for the long haul, so let’s make it fun.” It’s not that it’s not going to be work. You work on your marriage the same way you work at your job. But we have friends who have gotten divorced over tiny things that spiral out of control, and no one was willing to reach out, take the other person’s hand, and say, “I’m not going anywhere.” And sometimes it can be that simple. We argue, but we have an allegiance to each other, and we have beautiful children, and from what I hear, divorce sucks. It’s not something I think I have the fortitude to go through.

I like the candidness she gave in the interview. I am also envious she has a house in the Hamptons!