Penelope Cruz Is Knocked Up!?


Is Penelope Cruz somehow hiding a baby bump in that petite frame? Although she recently told reporters that she doesn’t want kids right now, the New York Post is spreading the rumor that Cruz may not be telling the whole truth.

From the NY Post:

“We first noticed the slightly built star’s growing frame in May when she walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. There, the Oscar winner also came down with a case of “food poisoning.” In yesterday’s Page Six, Cruz looked plumper than ever in a photo of her and beau Javier Bardem leaving a U2 concert in Paris.”

Penelope definitely looks a little different in this pic… but as we well know, pictures can (and do) lie. Aside from the pics, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence.

I usually don’t bite on any pregnancy rumors, but the way I see it, if gossip mags spread pregnancy rumors about Penelope year after year, they’re bound to be true one of these days. Could this be the day?