Penelope Cruz is Pregnant - Did She & Javier Bardem Have a Shotgun Wedding?


It was pretty polite of Penelope Cruz‘s crew to confirm that she is pregnant. Yesterday there was oodles of online speculation after she was put on the ‘Bump Watch’ list. And instead of having everyone play the ‘is she or isn’t she’ game for months, Penelope’s rep came out and announced that she is indeed knocked up. They also added that she is 4 ½ months along. So does that make her and Javier Bardem‘s child a ‘honeymoon baby’ or did they have a shotgun wedding?

If we do some not-so fancy math, the answer is no. The two got hitched in a very low-key wedding at a friend’s house in the Bahamas with just family and close friends in attendance. The nuptials took place in early July, two and half months ago, and the baby was created 4 ½ months ago. So was it a very early shotgun wedding? Sounds like it! And Penelope got married in her custom made John Galliano gown before a really big baby bump was a design issue.

Do you think it was a ‘shotgun wedding’?

Photo: PR Photos

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