Pirates of the Caribbean: Penelope Cruz's Pregnancy Issues During Filming

Pirates of the Caribbean: Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp

Penelope Cruz is dishing on Pirates of the Caribbean and sharing some intimate details of what it’s like to be filming a movie when you’re pregnant.

Filming Pirates of the Caribbean presented some unique problems for Penelope Cruz – we’ve already seen the costumes that hid her baby bump, but what about filming in a remote location without a bathroom?

While pregnant? Torture.

Cruz shares that while filming Pirates of the Caribbean she actually had to pee in the ocean. Gross as that seems, desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you’re pregnant, the urgency to pee is… well… urgent.

Penelope explains, “Rob and Johnny [Depp] and Jerry Bruckheimer all really took care of me and made all the changes that were necessary to have total safety. But they left Johnny and I on a deserted island with no bathrooms to do a helicopter shot. That for a pregnant woman can be a little bit of a problem. So for those few hours I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes. [Laughs] That was one of those things that you remember forever.”