Penelope Disicks New Must-Have Item? A Baby Balenciaga


89134PCN_Kourtney11She might not even be a year old yet but it looks like little Penelope Disick already has a wardrobe and accessory collection that can rival that of her mom’s, Kourtney Kardashian!

Aunt of the year Kim Kardashian recently showed off a baby Balenciaga that she got for her niece for Christmas. Kim posted the photo on her Instagram account, captioning the pic with: “Penelope is wearing the little Balenciaga bag that I got her for Christmas!”

The little bag is actually cute, isn’t it? And in case you are wondering, the bag comes at a price of $345. It looks like we have a little fashionista in the making with Penelope, right? But then again with all of her aunts spoiling her, I don’t think we can expect anything less!

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