People Magazine Is Totally Planning Kate Middletons Future Baby Shower

Is Kate pregnant? Nope.

When it comes to the tabloid magazines, it seems like everyone is eager in wanting to see Kate Middleton pregnant and fast! I almost want to say that she’s becoming the Khloe Kardashian (in the pregnancy retrospect, mind you) of Great Britain. I’m beginning to feel sorry for her.

People Magazine has a never cover out this week that asks the question “Is She Pregnant?” in bold yellow print while chronicling her first year of marriage to Prince William and dissecting her style while writing that Kensington Palace is renovating the place to be more “baby and family friendly.”

It’s like they are planning out her whole pregnancy for her without her knowing this, of course. That’s what happens when it’s a slow celebrity news week.

Us Weekly might while is counter-attacking People’s false headline by reporting that Prince William and his bride have no plans for a baby just yet and that we shouldn’t expect a baby announcement anytime soon because it’s simply not going to happen.

Who to believe, who to believe?

If you ask me, Kate should just play around with this whole “is she or isn’t she pregnant” game and just walk around with a pillow pet one day and without one the next day. She can borrow Beyonce‘s.