People of Walmart: New Form Of Cyber Bullying?

people of walmart
People of Walmart Website Bullying Customers?

Have you heard about the People of Walmart website? Basically, it’s a site where people can log on and upload photos of strange looking folks that they see in the aisles of Walmart. I have actually seen similar photos floating around in email forwards before, but I had no clue that there was an actual website showcasing these images. Is the People of Walmart site a new form of cyber bullying?

The People of Walmart site is receiving so much traffic that I wasn’t even able to log on, but I did find this photo gallery where you can view some examples of what is being uploaded. Most of these pictures are taken from behind the unsuspecting individual, so their true identity isn’t obvious. But whether a person can be clearly identified or not from behind is still humiliating if you know the image is of you or someone you know.

One viewer of the site, Melanie Wheeler, is taking legal action against them after discovering a picture of her mother wearing a trench coat. The photo had the caption, “a Canadian member of the division of the trench coat mafia.”

Do you think that Melanie Wheeler has a case? Was her mother cyber bullied by People of Walmart?