People s Choice Awards Winners: Did the People Get it Right?

Peoples Choice Awards Winners

Queen Latifah hosted the Peoples Choice Awards Wednesday night.  The people, the people!  

Throughout the night, Latifah made sure we remembered that the people voted.

But did “the people” get it right?

I say… never leave it up to the people to vote for awards.

I know the People’s Choice Awards is more of a popularity contest than a measure of talent.  But still.

Selena Gomez as Breakout Artist?  Kristen Stewart – Favorite Movie Actress?  Really?

No disrespect to these two young women but… come on!   I guess the people have chosen.

At these type of awards, you know who is going to win when you see only winner in the audience and not the other nominees. 

Because if the others showed up and didn’t win, it would be an embarrassment.  

There’s my rant about the People’s Choice Awards.

The highlight of the night was watching how annoyingly awkward Kristen Stewart was, while her co-stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson shined.

And when Queen Latifah joked with them about the werewolf eating the vampire, wouldn’t the vampire eat the werewolf from the inside. That was funny.