People s Choice Awards Winners: Just Who Is Doing the Voting Anyway?

People s Choice Awards: Who is doing the voting?

Queen Latifah announced on the People s Choice Awards that there were a record number of votes cast for the awards this year: 175 million votes.

But, just who was it who was casting all these votes?

Take a look at some of the winners: Kristen Stewart as favorite actress, Selena Gomez as Favorite Breakout Artist, Eclipse as Favorite Drama Movie. Click to see the complete list of People’s Choice Awards winners.

Not that I don’t watch Eclipse along with the rest of the world and Selena Gomez is cute as a button, but REALLY? Who exactly are those millions of votes coming from?

Kristen Stewart better than Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts? I won’t mention Katherine Heigl, because that, I’ll buy.

It all leads me to believe that it’s tweens and teens who are on their computers voting away.  After all, do us parents have that much extra time on our hands to really vote as often as we’d like? No limits on votes. 

If you take a look at who is even nominated in the first place, most categories are skewed toward a younger audience in the first place, so it’s no surprise that the winners follow that same pattern.

What do you think of the winners? Did you vote?