Perez Hilton Wants To Be A Papa?


perezboots1So Perez Hilton claims he’s ready for fatherhood — but is fatherhood ready for him? In an interview with boy- pal Dean Piper for the, the Hollywood gossip-meister himself said  that he wanted to be “The gay Angelina and have four children.” Apparently, Perez says he’s ready for both kids and a boyfriend but the former didnt’ seem contingent upon the latter.  

Looks like the possibility of parenthood has only come up recently for Perez, spurred on by his recent weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle.   Unlike so many of the train wrecks he covers, it looks like Perez knows that it’s best to be physically and emotionally able to take on the huge responsibility of parenthood.  “I’ve watched so many people fall into the trap of becoming a hot mess.” he said in his interview with the Mirror.  “I don’t want my life to go that way.”

We can’t add Perez to our Famecrawler bumpwatch yet…but we’ll definitely have him on our radar.

Do you think Perez would make a good papa?


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