Puppies, Kitties and Kids, Oh My - A Photo Contest



Is there really anything cuter than a kid and their pet? I mean, really.

In fact, the only thing that brings a smile faster than cute is winning stuff.  Winning stuff because of the cute?  That’s like double the smile (but it’s never been proven).  How’s this for stuff: Bratt Décor Blu Panel Crib from Layla Grayce?

Are you feeling it?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. If you haven’t already, Join the Babble Playground and create your family’s profile

2. Upload your best animal and kid photos to your Babble Playground page

3. Post or link to your photo in the comments here

4. Check back on August 3rd to see if you’ve won one the Bratt Decor Blu Panel Crib from Layla Grayce.

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