PETA Urging Honey Boo Boo To Rename Her Pet Chicken

Honey Boo Boo

It looks like PETA is getting its feathers plucked once more and this time around, Honey Boo Boo (government name: Alana Thompson) is to blame. According to new reports, the controversial organization is none too happy about the reality television star naming her pet chicken “Nugget” because, you know, that means that she might eat it.

“We hope that she will be loved and cared for as a permanent member of your family and that you consider changing her name to ‘Not a Nugget’ after our youth outreach mascot in order to honor her as your friend and protect other chickens just like her,” they suggest in a letter obtained by E!.

I’m sure Honey Boo Boo is really going to take PETA’s words to heart over the naming of her pet chicken. This, of course, right after she squeezes a little ketchup on him.

Tell us, Babble readers, what do you think? Is PETA giving Honey Boo Boo a hard time over nothing, or should see really consider renaming it before making a meal out of one of it’s legs?

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