Pete Wentz Doesn't Want Bronx In A Bubble


Being a dad has changed Pete Wentz’s life in many ways. First of all, he says his son Bronx makes him laugh. That’s a good thing since he used to suffer from depressive bipolar disorder.

He says of his 16-month-old son: “He is the best antidote to any problems that I have had mentally,” he said. “His laugh can make me smile.”

Wentz has just been named national spokesperson for UNICEF’s Tap Project, a project dedicated to supplying clean drinking water to children. Living in Hollywood, he hopes Bronx will grow up to be humble.

“I want my son to know that the world doesn’t revolve around this bubble that we live in,” says Wentz. “In order to empathize with all [the world’s] children, he needs to see them as the same as him.”

As for being married to Ashlee Simpson, he has a whole new view of her as a mom.

“One of the greatest things I can see is that my wife stepped into the role of being a mother,” he said. “It gave me a whole new appreciation and attraction to my wife to see the mother inside of her.”

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