Pete Wentz Goes Christmas Shopping With Bronx and Meagan Camper! (Photos)


Well, it’s not exactly a trip through the mall with a child in Christmasy plaids and taffeta, but Pete Wentz still enjoyed a holiday shopping jaunt yesterday with his son and girlfriend.

Cameras caught the rocker with his 4-year-old son, Bronx Mowgli, and his girlfriend of more than a year, Meagan Camper, as they strolled around The Grove, a popular destination among the West Coast celeb set.

They picked up a few small items – at least, that’s what we surmise from the bags they carried – while Bronx followed behind and at one point asked his dad to carry him for a while.

Both father and son were dressed for a casual day in black hoodies, jeans and sneakers. Meagan’s red hat was the one burst of welcome color in this trio.

Happily, Ashlee Simpson is totally cool with her ex-husband’s new relationship; the three have been spotted hanging out together in recent months.

But the burning question of the day, of course, is: Did he buy a baby gift for his ex-sister-in-law, Jessica Simpson, who’s rumored to be expecting her second baby in less than two years?

Check out the photos here!

  • Just too cool 1 of 5
    Just too cool
    He may be just 4-years-old, but young Bronx already has a style and a confidence most people would envy.
  • No falling out 2 of 5
    No falling out
    Pete and Meagan have been going strong for more than a year — and it looks like Bronx is happy with his dad's girlfriend, too.
  • Big footsteps to fill 3 of 5
    Big footsteps to fill
    Bronx seems to be trying to follow his dad's stride.
  • Up we go! 4 of 5
    Up we go!
    There's nothing like getting a lift from Dad.
  • What’s in the bag? 5 of 5
    What's in the bag?
    Pete may not have bought a lot of gifts, but in L.A., odds are that his purchases were still pretty generous.

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