Pete Wentz is A-Okay with Ashlee Simpson's Stretch Marks


ASHLEY SIMPSON It sounds like Pete Wentz enjoys Ashlee Simpson Wentz’s body in any incarnation. Curves and stretch marks are – thankfully – apparently all a-okay.

“Pete isn’t worried about stretch marks. He always makes me feel sexy. There’s going to be a time when I’m way curvier, and that’ll be sexy too. What defines sexy is not someone’s weight. Personally I like curves… I want to look good for me. I want to feel good.”

She told Women’s Health magazine that son is keeping her in shape. She said, “I do Bronx Pilates! And these biceps are from holding him. He’s in my arms all the time.” She also mentioned that marriage and a family has changed her saying “Being married made me able to share more. Now Pete and Bronx come first. It has humbled me.”

Photo: INFPhoto