Pete Wentz Takes Bronx To The Farmer's Market (Photos)


It looks like it’s back to everyday life for little Bronx Wentz! After spending the past two weeks in Hawaii with his mom Ashlee Simpson and her family, Bronx is now back at home and spending his weekends with his dad, Pete Wentz, and his girlfriend Meagan Camper.

The trio were spotted visiting a farmer’s market in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday afternoon where Bronx got to play in a few bounce houses before picking out fresh fruits and vegetables to bring home.

Check out all of her fun photos below! Also, Meagan is looking so much like celebrity mom Megan Fox these days, isn’t she?

  • Pete Wentz 1 of 5
    Pete Wentz
    Pete Wentz and son Bronx leaving a farmer's market with girlfriend Meagan Camper in Los Angeles.
  • Bronx 2 of 5
    It looks like little Bronx didn't want to leave!
  • Fun Times 3 of 5
    Fun Times
    After spending two weeks with his mom Ashlee Simpson in Hawaii, Bronx is now spending his weekends again with his dad.
  • Farmers Market 4 of 5
    Farmers Market
    It looks like Bronx always has so much fun each time he goes to the farmer's market with his dad.
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    How often do you visit the farmers market with your kids?

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