Peter Andre Falls Off Stage At Comeback Concert (Video)



Things aren’t going so hot as Peter Andre tries to pick up the pieces of his atrophied career. He apparently lost his footing and took an unintentional stage dive in front of a sell-out T4 on the Beach crowd over the weekend.

It’s gotta be tough to stage a successful comeback while going through a bitter divorce with the mother of your children, but come on… falling off the stage? Really?

As you can see from the video, he rolled with it pretty well and didn’t land “flat on his face” at all, as one bystander was quoted as saying. The most embarrassing part was probably that his earpiece popped out and lost sync with the music.

From the same Mail article:

The doting father admitted that he wanted to travel to Australia to see his family but couldn’t bear to be parted from his children.

‘I wanted to go for two weeks but even that would be to long. My kids are here so I’m going to stay here, I’d love to take them with me but I can’t.