Peter Andre Hates His Kids Wanting To See Ex-Wife's Boyfriend


spl111797_016-peter-andre-kidsPeter Andre is not happy about his ex-wife’s boyfriend. I’m talking about Katie Price and her beau Alex Reid. Reid is currently on Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother and Peter is fed up with his kids wanting to watching him on that show.

An insider says: ‘He hates Alex being near the children and when they came to visit for a couple of nights last Monday, Junior was saying: “Daddy, daddy, I want to watch Alex.

‘Pete couldn’t believe it. He feels that Katie’s been urging the kids to watch CBB. He was so incensed he called Katie, which he’d never usually do. He even had to ask his brother Mike for her number.

‘He was upset and said: “It’s my time with the kids, so why are they asking about Alex?”

First of all, why doesn’t Peter just turn off the TV when the kids come around? The story in Now Magazine speculates that he’s jealous. I doubt it. He just needs to concentrate on his own life. He’ll always be tied to Katie because of their kids so he better get used to her boyfriends getting into the limelight too.