Peter Andre Is Mad At Katie Price - Are You Surprised?


peter-andre-princess-tiaamii-fighting-with-katie-pricePeter Andre is mad about hair and it’s not his. He actually has a valid-ish reason for being upset.Katie Price straightened Princess Tiaamii’s hair and Peter is ticked off.

Princess Tiaammii is only two-years-old and has beautiful curly hair. The fight between the parents sounds like it’s all about control.

Peter said, “The truth of the matter is I have noticed lately that someone has been straightening Princess’ hair with straightening irons and the ends were getting damaged. Why a girl of two needs straight hair is beyond me, but obviously it’s something Kate has decided to do and I can’t stop her.”

Then Katie said, “Princess is a mini-me. She has naturally curly blonde hair which I straightened recently and it didn’t look good – she looked like a little troll. Princess is a really girly girl who loves sparkly things and having her nails done.”

“People criticize me for putting nail varnish on her fingers and toes, saying she should remain a baby, but who cares? I want her to be as girly as possible and not grow up too quickly. If she came home from school aged 12 in fishnets and a cropped top then she’d get a massive telling-off and would be grounded. She can wait until she’s 18 before she starts wearing that kind of stuff.”

I can see how Peter would be worried since Katie/Jordan dresses as she does, It also sounds like he needs to relax just a tad.
They both need to grow up. Soon their kids will be more mature then they are.


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