Peter Andre Wants Cage-Fighter To Stay Away From His Kids


alex-reid-juniorPeter Andre is apparently not too comfortable with how close Katie’s new boyfriend [Alex Reid] is getting with his own two kids: Junior and Princess Tiaamii. Supposedly, Peter has called upon his legal team to put the brakes on the budding relationship.

From the Daily Mail:

“As great as Alex may be with the children, he is not their father and never will be. As far as Peter is concerned, he is not an ideal father figure and shouldn’t be responsible for another man’s children – it’s not fair on anyone.”

As you may remember, Alex the cage-fighter, with his porno adult films and all, has a less-than stellar image. Of course, Katie’s image isn’t too angelic or anything either. Katie may already be pregnant with some random hook-up’s Alex’s baby.

While I’m usually of the opinion that lawyers never solve problems, I can see why Peter is concerned. Not so much because of Alex’s reputation, but because it seems like Katie is being a little reckless these days and he doesn’t want them caught in the middle.