Katie Banned From Daughter's Birthday Party, By Peter!



To put it mildly, things are not going smoothly in the Katie Price/Peter Andre divorce. Guess who’s not invited to Tiaamii’s Barbie-themed birthday bash this weekend? That’s right… mommy.

Shockingly, these two extremely level-headed celebs aren’t giving us a classy and dignified lesson in the art of divorce.

Responding to Katie’s big throw-down in Ibiza last week (where she got a ill-advised tattoo to cover up another ill-advised tattoo), Peter wrote a column slamming her behavior. Needles to say, that didn’t exactly win over Katie’s affections.

“When I was in Cyprus, I managed to shield myself from most of Kate’s Ibiza antics, but I got a very nasty shock on my return. I thought she was a disgrace and was speechless,’ he writes in New! magazine.

‘I had to call Kate and give her a piece of my mind. Her actions are out of control. I told her exactly what I think of her.'”

So, with that – and the following shouting match – Andre uninvited Katie to her own daughter’s birthday party.

Puh-leeze, how immature can you get.