Peter Krause Finally Gets Parenthood


peter-krause-parenthoodPeter Krause of the new show “Parenthood” said that becoming a father was the best thing that happened to him.

He was able to put his relationship with his parents in perspective. He was finally able to understand where his parents were coming from.
He said, “Certainly, having my own child and recognizing this movable place on the human continuum by becoming not only a son but also a father, linking those things up and understanding better the challenges that my mother and father made.”

“They were struggling but were also very happy. We didn’t have to have clothes that fit perfectly or the best food to be happy.”

“This might sound canned, but what we needed most was to be together … No matter what happens, we have each other, we’re together and we’re a family. That’s been incredibly powerful in my life.”

It sounds like he has his priorities straight.

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