Peter Thiel Wants Kids to Drop Out of College!


peter thielPayPal founder Peter Thiel wants to pay young entrepreneurs to drop out of college! 

Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and one of the early investors in Facebook, has launched a new initiative to incentivize young visionaries to continue to revolutionize technology at the cost of a college eduction.  Rather than wait for the young people to finish their educations, the Thiel Fellowship hopes foster the next generation of tech visionaries by offering grants up to $100k for a select group of innovators.  

Why does Peter Thiel want kids to drop out of college? 

“Our world needs more breakthrough technologies,” said Thiel. “From Facebook to SpaceX to Halcyon Molecular, some of the world’s most transformational technologies were created by people who stopped out of school because they had ideas that couldn’t wait until graduation. This fellowship will encourage the most brilliant and promising young people not to wait on their ideas, either. The Thiel Fellows will change the world and call it a senior thesis.”

The one thing that Thiel doesn’t seem to consider is the cost of not completing their educations.   If they can revolutionize technology with just a partial education just think of the ground-breaking ideas these young entrepreneurs could come up with after a full four years of being challenged in college!

What do you think of Peter Thiel’s idea to incentivize kids to drop out of college?

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