Phil Mickelson Wins Masters as His Wife, Battling Cancer, Looks On


All eyes were on Tiger Woods as he returned to golf at the Master’s last week, and a slew of questions seemed to follow in his wake. Would Elin go? Would she bring the kids? Would he play well? Can they save their marriage? (No, no, yes–and it’s not looking good.)

Meanwhile, an actual real-life drama was unfolding. Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy, who has spent the last year in treatment for breast cancer, did go. She did bring their three kids, Amanda, 10, Sophia, 8 and Evan, 7. Not feeling well enough to be at the tournament for four days, she spent the week at the house they rented nearby, hoping to be on hand in the event Mickelson won. Which he did.

Much crying ensued. Mickelson walked off the course and hugged his wife, on-camera, for several minutes. Literally. Then his kids. Then a whole bunch of other people. Later, he addressed the gallery, and thanked his family.

“We’ve been through a lot this year. And it means a lot to share some joy together. She’s an incredible wife, an incredible mother, and she’s been an inspiration to me, going through what’s she’s been through.”

With all the emphasis on Tiger, no one was expecting an uplifting family narrative in the sports world this week, so it was an odd juxtaposition–but a welcome one.

Photo: PacificCoastNews.Com

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