Photo of Beyonce's Baby! Twitter Hoax Goes Viral

Beyonce's Baby?!?

Is that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby? According to a Twitter blast it is!

The tweet said, “RT: @TMZ Breaking News! Beyonce’s New Born photo leaked!! From Kelly Rowland’s phone! PIC.”

But the thing is there is no tweet from Kelly Rowland OR from TMZ of the spawn this super star couple. No proof at all, anywhere on the internet. Just a random RT. But this one is at least better (and FAR cuter) than the other viral tweet saying, “BREAKING: The first picture of Beyonce & Jay-z’s new baby ‘Tiana-May Carter’ LEAKED.”

Check it out right here…

But the question, why would people send out fake Twitter pics of their baby in the first place? I guess everyone is just really anxious to get a glimpse of their upcoming release!

Photos: Twitter

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