(PHOTOS) A Short History of Justin Biebers Hair: From Then to Now


justin bieber haircut

Yes, we all know the news. Justin Bieber cut his hair. But one thing about his new haircut? He took his transformation slowly. It was not overnight. Although he now officially has his look for 2011, the process was a slow one. Check out the photographic evolution from his helmet like bang sweep to his more mature tousled look of today!

A long long time ago, way back in 2009, Justin sported his iconic bang style. A look that captivated a nation.

Then Justin and his team started to trim up the sides a bit and refined the sweep, giving more of a hair helmet look.

The sides started to get a bit shorter and angle of the sweep  a little less defined.

Then the earth shook. Justin did the sweep from the left…to the right! Changing the direction of his mane.

He started to flirt with really mixing it up, appearing with a more mussed up do at a book signing late last year.

Then, at his Never Say Never” UK Premiere he showed off a even more refined style.  Setting the stage for his total new look.

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