(PHOTOS) Jenna Jameson Shows of Tats But Hurries Home to Twins


Jenna JamesonHaving children changes lots of things in life. One of the many ways we as parents have to adjust? We don’t get to hang out at parties for very long. With babies or little kids at home, many of us find ourselves rushing from a soiree to be by their side. And that’s just what happened to Jenna Jameson the other night

Jenna Jameson hit the Black Banditz Tattoo Shop launch party in Los Angeles, wearing a very vibrant and vivacious dress. But she didn’t stay long. She made a quick appearance but scurried out to hurry home to be with her twins. But not before showing off her own tattoos.

Check out pics of her ink and her wild dress right here. Jenna Jameson tattoos


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