(PHOTOS) Meet Aspen Rae Howard Stern Pick for Miss Howard TV for March


Aspen Rae Photo

Some little girls want to grow up to be Miss America. Some may want to be Miss USA. But Aspen Rae, she didn’t become either of those, she became Miss Howard TV for the month of March! So who is Miss Aspen Rae – Howard Stern’s newest pick?First, it should be mentioned that Howard Stern didn’t pick a Miss January or Miss February, so appears that Miss March is extra special.

Aspen Rae is petite and is 5 foot 3 inches tall and is about 100 pounds. And in case you are keeping count at home, her measurements are 32B-23-32B.  And she is pretty comfortable posing in front of the camera wearing a bikini (or less). She reportedly a “cam girl” shooting “adult” videos.  Yes, perhaps Miss American isn’t for her!

You can see more pics of Aspen Rae here.

Aspen Rae Pic

ASpen Rae