(PHOTOS) Nicki Minaj Pregnant? NOT! Does This Look Like a Baby Bump to You?


Nicki Minaj pregnant

Seriously, you have to take any rumor circulated by MediaTakeOut with a grain of salt. Occasionally the website does get the gossip right, but many times, the things said just aren’t true. Just in the last six months they’ve had “breaking news” reports that Beyonce was pregnant, that NeNe Leakes of the Real Housewives was pregnant, and that Brandy was pregnant. All three of them turned out to be untrue.

MediaTakeOut’s newest tale? That Nicki Minaj is pregnant. The have a “insider” who said that Minaj asked her label  for a “reduced schedule” because she was pregnant. Is their newest rumor true? Doubtful. Just check out these photos of her VERY flat stomach from just two weeks ago!