Photos of Lucia, Mel Gibson's Bruised Baby: Who Gains From This?


mel gibson oksana gigorieva lucia

Photos of a bruised Lucia, Mel Gibson’s baby with Oksana Grigorieva, appeared online today. Ostensibly these are the photos that Oksana took after Gibson allegedly hit the child, and according to RadarOnline the pics are being examined by the courts that are working on the couple’s custody case and investigating the Mel Gibson abuse charges. So how did RadarOnline get the pictures? And who gains from their publication?

It’s hard to imagine that the pictures came, either directly or indirectly, from anyone but Oksana herself. Ditto for the tapes of Mel’s shocking rants. And that’s a tragedy, because it makes Oksana look not so good (yet still head and shoulders above Mel). What’s mystifying is that the pictures, as viewed online, seem to be highlighing a blemish on the baby’s face. Babies get blemishes all of the time, that doesn’t seem to indicate abuse or a beating. On the other hand, in person the photos may be more revealing.

So who gains from having these photos posted online? No one, from what I can see. Any benefit Oksana and Lucia will get from the photos will happen in the courts, not from the public seeing them. Do the photos make Mel look bad? Sure, but it’s not as if he could look any worse than he already did.