(PHOTOS) OMG! Justin Bieber Gets Out of a Car - Survives Exit!


Justin Bieber David Letterman

One way to rank and judge star power? By the mundane nature of their paparazzi pics. Now an C or D list celebrity, they’d have to do something pretty remarkable like get arrested, have an accidental nip slip or trip and fall while leaving a nightclub where a more powerful star happens to be (hence why the photographers are there in the first place. But Justin Bieber? All he has to do is exit a car and it’s news.

Justin Bieber

Dozen of photos of him merely exiting from a vehicle have surfaced. But – in total Justin Bieber fashion – he is perfectly coiffed, clothed and looks adorable as usual. And the Bieber nation? They’d be happy with just seeing photos of Justin watching paint dry, at least here he is doing something! Check out more photos below.

Justin Bieber cute

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