(PHOTOS) Sofia Vergara & 5 Other Celebrities Without Makeup!


sofia vergara without makeup

On thing about being a starlet in Hollywood? You have to be on your guard at all times preferably with your war paint paint on, of the lipstick and foundation variety that is.

This week that gorgeous gal Sofia Vergara of Modern Family was spotted, and photographed, without her makeup on. And if you didn’t have the caption, you’d never know it was her.

But she isn’t the first gorgeous starlet to be caught without makeup, and she wont’ be the last. Here are five other ladies who are almost unrecognizable without their “face” on.

Ashley Tisdale without makeup

Ashley Tisdale

Claire Danes without makeup

Claire Danes

Alessandra Ambrosio without makeup

Alessandra Ambrosio

Former Spice Girl Mel B  without makeup

Former Spice Girl Mel B

Jennifer Garner

Photos: PCN

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