(PHOTOS) Suri Cruise Still Uses a Pacifier! Isn't She Too Old for That?


Suri Cruise pacifier

Yes, it’s true. Suri Cruise still uses a pacifier.

Next month, in April, Suri Cruise turns five.  But even at the age of four, it’s about three years too long to be using a pacifier. Most try to wean their children from their pacis when they are infants or at least before the age of one or two. But Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are quite indulgent with their offspring. Letting her pretty much, reportedly, run the roost.

But you’d think at this age she would have given it up. But on the other hand,  the life this little one leads is pretty intense. Traveling all the time and be hounded by photographers, since the day she was born, no doubt takes a toll. She probably needs as many creature comforts that she can get.

Do you think they should take her pacifier away or just let her keep her habit?