Pictures of Cartoon Characters: Childhood Cartoons Take Over Facebook!

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Why are pictures of cartoon characters on Facebook?

Pictures of cartoon characters those childhood cartoons of old have taken over Facebook!

Why are pictures of cartoon characters on Facebook anyway? What childhood cartoons are your favorite?

Pictures of cartoon characters are all over Facebook, as a campaign to use childhood cartoons as profile pictures, rather than real photos, has swept the social media site.

Cartoons from the 90s as well as 70s and 80s are in hot demand as people look for pictures of cartoon characters from their favorite childhood cartoons.

A Facebook cartoon profile pic campaign is the latest meme to sweep the site, with a call to action for users to change their picture to raise awareness about violence against children.

While there are no events tied to the Facebook cartoon profile pic campaign, and a similar meme was circulating in November, plenty of users are jumping in to relive some of their favorite childhood cartoon memories.

Which pictures of cartoon characters have you used for your Facebook profile pic? What’s your favorite childhood cartoon?