Piers Morgan Replacing Larry King: Really? Other hosts CNN could have chosen


Piers Morgan replaces Larry King on CNNPiers Morgan will replace Larry King, the host for 25 years of CNN’s nightly interview show.

Piers Morgan?  Really? 

That was my initial reaction.  Of all the people who could have taken over Larry King show, the cable giant picked the judge of America’s Got Talent?  The same guy who won Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice?

I realize that Morgan was a former editor of a few British tabloid newspapers but still, couldn’t CNN have picked someone else?

Anyone else out there think this choice is weird?

Other candidates were Katie Couric, the host of CBS’s evening news bulletin, and Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol.  I could see them fit the bill and other potential hosts like Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, and even Howard Stern take over this role.

Piers said he had watched Larry King for 25 years and dreamed of taking over from “the greatest TV interviewer of them all”. Doing so “is both a great honour and a great challenge”.

Larry King’s show is due to end in December and Pier’s “candid, in-depth newsmaker interview programme” will start in January.

The Time Warner-owned channel has shaken up its primetime offering in the hope of reversing a trend of losing ratings to Fox News and MSNBC.

It’ll be interesting to see Piers on CNN let’s see how well he does.